September 11th 2001 :

A day the world will probably never forget due to the devastation caused by some fanatic morons. For me, as a Muslim Indian immigrant, the repercussions were clear (and it seems to get worse !). Of course, it does not help a lot if your name is Mohammed !

Exactly 4 years later :
We celebrated the birth of our 3rd child, my second son. Born in WakeMed hospital (Cary, NC), he was born a healthy child. For the parents, it was again the same amazing feeling we have ever witnessed or experienced (as was the case with our first son and daughter). Subtle indications from god of his existence and miracles i would say.

There were a lot of eiree unwanted coincidences. Born on 9/11, at the same time (8:45 am), my name was Mohammed (and i slightly resembel him too !), and i was working for a company called "American Tower" ! Some of my friends joked he should be named Osama. As a father, all i wished for him was he should grow to be a healthy boy and a good human being.